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We strive to bring you the latest news chronicling the demise of our civilization. As the Earth falls into dark times we strive to remain vigilant. All of us, together watching fate play its hand. We bring you important highlights or milestones along the road to whatever lies ahead. We also giveaway free ebooks and try to remain positive in the face of increasing danger. If you are of like mind, please consider supporting the site by making a donation or clicking on our advertisements . Every little bit helps to keep the servers running and information flowing freely. We also run a monthly contest for members and newsletter subscribers Thanks!

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  • SHTF-Feed Poultry and Rabbits When the Feed Stores are Gone July 1, 2015
    You have been working very hard to prepare for the day when the grid goes down........You have stocked up as much supplies for your family as possible.........You have the chickens and rabbits in place to provide eggs and meat for your family..........You have tons of chicken and rabbit feed stocked up. The question is......What will […]
  • Norman (a story of the interaction between a young man in Texas and a WWII Veteran and Hero July 1, 2015
    It was while I was here that I met Norman and the true purpose of this story. Once I had passed the rite of getting accepted into the crew, despite the fueling incident, I was put out on projects to be the “mud man.” It was my job to keep track of the required materials […]
  • Coalescence of Economic Indicators June 14, 2015
    Let me call your attention to this ZeroHedge article today, posted on Jones [1]. There was no mention of the Baltic Dry but should have as well. These price instabilities are telling, and it must be remembered that the consumption rate of energy (with price generally commensurate) is, without need for reference, a primary measure […]
  • Mr. Michael Pereira of Omega Protocol: The List April 30, 2015
    Let’s talk about your list. Not the list of guns you own or the types of seeds you have stored and not even your Christmas list. Today, I’d like you to think about your skills list. If you are in the preparedness community, you will more than likely, have a decent list of survival skills. […]
  • RS.i Alerts - H5N2 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza April 24, 2015
    As we are sure you are already aware, the H5N2 Avian Influenza Virus has exploded across the Mississippi Fly-way this Spring. Mental calculations indicate at least 10,000,000 birds have been or will be immediately culled; 5.3 million layers on just one farm; with many more infections expected to occur this Spring. Here are links to […]
  • Mr. Michael Pereira of Omega Protocol: TheGray Man and Secrecy April 9, 2015
    The grey man is a term I first learned by reading about real life survival situations and how people survived them. The underlying philosophy is simple. Blend in. Not too complex right? Take a moment to think about what it really means to blend in. If you find yourself in a survival situation, and you […]
  • Mr. Michael Pereira of Omega Protocol: When and How to Bust a Move April 6, 2015
    Its hard to tell how or when an apocalyptic event might happen or how you will find out about it when it does. You may see random reports on the television or Youtube. You might read about it in the paper. Your friends or family might mention something they heard. The key is to be […]
  • New Author - Mr. Michael Pereira of Omega Protocol writes for RuralSurvival.info March 28, 2015
    RuralSurvival.info is Pleased to welcome Mr. Michael Pereira of Omega Protocol as a writer. Click link to read his bio...
  • Awesome Personal Defense Ammo - a True MUST SEE! March 5, 2015
    16" Penetration - Up to 6" diameter spread - 2" grouping at 25 yrds - 9 Separate Wound Channels - Precision Machined - Solid Copper / Lead Free = Defeats all known barriers such as sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields, plywood, heavy winter clothing...
  • Website Updates March 5, 2015
    This is just a quick note to let everyone know that we had to remove the old "forum" due to so much "spam" being posted that the scripting and database were both overwhelmed; i.e., we could not delete the massive amount of advertising materials in the database inserted by spam-bots. In the old forum's place, […]
  • NFL Play 60: Stay Off Our Bus! February 24, 2015
    Many of you may have already heard of the National Football League’s Play 60 program, a campaign that encourages kids to be physically active for 60 minutes every day in order to prevent childhood obesity. Sounds good, right? The NFL even has a Play 60 tour bus with catchy slogan, “Hop on the bus.” Unfortunately, […]
  • SK O'Neal: Strategic Dynamics Related to the Ukraine Situation February 23, 2015
    Yesterday's Greg Hunter interview with John Brown, adviser to Margaret Thatcher, is exceptionally relevant. Rather than Cuba as John Brown says, I prefer to make the analogue that Ukraine is Russia's "Texas." I have discussed on several occasions questions about Putin's realities relative to the insidious penetration of Old Money (OM) family business into the […]
  • SK O'Neal: Comments Regarding the Socioeconomic Effects of Geoengineering February 21, 2015
    As we continue to ask ourselves how to partition our resources, including peace of mind, between the trials of daily life and the rising plethora of information indicating Titanic events in the very foundation of our existence on this planet, the requirements for mental discipline and more extreme deliberate disruptions in our lives become monumental. […]
  • SK O'Neal: Comments on the Climate Change Discussion February 19, 2015
    The first order observation is that eastern North America is experiencing extreme cold and high precipitation, which has numerous precedents. Press sensationalism of the situation is also not new. What is new is the sustained, comprehensive asymmetry in continental and global weather patterns and the reasons for them, and most people are not observant of […]
  • SK O'Neal: The Tables of the Merchants February 19, 2015
    As I have mentioned elsewhere, the status of natural events, the role of eugenics, and a deeper analysis of Rothschild control inside Russia, India and China are where the most accurate answers are. It could easily be that the actual future will hinge upon an entirely paroxysmal event that none of these analysts can predict, […]
  • SK O'Neal: The Real Meaning of International Banking January 30, 2015
    This is a good little cartoon on money and banking, and a reminder of what is really going on[1], and a more lengthy treatment[2], just for starters. The long term reality is that the dollar will have a day of reckoning, despite the lengthy honeymoon as default currency of choice as the Euro and other […]
  • Susan Moore: Okay Folks, Let's Get Serious January 30, 2015
    Okay folks let us get serious and put on our "thinking caps". Do you think the exponential increase in SINKHOLES around the world is caused by any significant rise in CO2 levels??? (Compound that thought with the rate of volcanoes, increased and alarming animal die off, and extreme weather!) No in my opinion there is […]
  • SK Oneal: Even for a Naked Hippie Like Me January 29, 2015
    It is one thing when an avant garde rock band takes an occasion to go on set naked, but under the implied restraint and moderation of civilized cultural decorum such as a fashion show there are expected qualitatively different messages and purposes [1]. With drugs there is saturation, an ever rising hurdle to achieve the […]
  • SK Oneal: The Issue of Inflation and Deflation and Oil Prices January 29, 2015
    This picture [1] contrasts strongly with Martin Armstrong and Harry Dent's views of deflation from collapse of the emerging markets and strength of the dollar relative to them, but agrees with the view of the gold bugs such as Schiff and a number of other independent analysts such as Jim Rickards [3]. The majority of […]
  • SK Oneal: More Candid Questions for Analysts and Their Divergent Economic Models January 29, 2015
    Please allow me to be candid, as I am losing patience with the minions of the alternative press as well. I tend to like contrarians in general, but Armstrong has a ninety pound chip on his shoulder, and this can make a man blind, as he continues to build his theories in his own compartmentalized […]

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